Saturday, February 21, 2009

the first step..... goes nothing.....first of...i'm not really a 'great writer' material., and second, i have no experience whatsoever in this blogging thingy! it wasn't entering this world of blogging...just by chance was only after a friend of mine told me to check out his blog...and so i did. i got kinda interested and thought, hey, anyone can do this right?so why not i?? and the rest is history....
so, having presented my alibis...i think i now have enough excuses so that i can do this my way, in my own terms, just the way i like it!!!


wrote this on one of my 'filled with confusion' days

So this is life, this road I’m on,
My past behind me, with time has gone,
Never did I imagine I would stand here,
Caught in the line between hope and fear.

The sands of time have slipped thru my fingers,
Yet, memories of gold never fail to linger
Who I was, who I am and who I will be...
Truly wish I had the power to see.

I face the world with all its demands,
Alone with my destiny in my hands,
Stranded, confused, with choices to make,
With the inevitable human nature of mistakes.

Yet I will forgive myself one day,
For I know I am strong enough to find my way,
And God will help me lift this burden I bear,
So, I’ll know why this life is fair…

Friday, February 20, 2009

something for a friend....

this is just something i wrote for a friend of mine...which i hope, served as a little confidence booster...

Life is strange, how its meant to be,
There's so much beyond what our eyes can see,
Just when we think we've reached our destination,
We're blown away in a different direction....
But don't forget that behind every dark cloud,
There are rays of hope to be found.

It takes courage to admit defeat,
And it takes strength to rise up on your feet;
That's how life goes, with all its imperfections,
Filled with its share of trials and tribulations;
And though on each life a little rain must fall,
I know you have enough faith to stand tall...

The new road might not be the same,
But don't let that stop you from playing the game.
Because i believe you have the passion to fight,
And a beautiful day dawns after each night,
And even though in God's plan we have no say,
He loves you enough to show you the way!

So hold on through the tears and pain,
And i do wish to see your smile again,
Keep on trying till you reach that finish line
And I'm sure you are gonna be just fine;
For I, your friend, will always be there for you,
And I'll pray for an angel to watch over you......