Monday, March 16, 2009


“Tears are but the brain reminding you that you have a heart”…I couldn’t agree more to this quote I remembered from my old book of quotations.
I didn’t just remember it; it came as a sort of revelation to me.
I cried a lot today…I was in a variety of moods that kept changing from one moment to the next. I think I cried, mostly because I was feeling sorry for myself, and not because I was physically hurt or anything. I felt alone and helpless. You can never predict how a few words can crush you so terribly!

I admit it’s my own fault that I get tangled up into these troubles of mine; I made my own choices. Sometimes I think they were mistakes, sometimes I don’t. Even if they were indeed mistakes, I’d gladly own up to them myself. But in the hardest times that I’d gone through, I had been able to endure the pain of it all, because I would constantly remind myself that it was a really bad nightmare, and that one day I would wake up from it all!

As those irrepressible tears streamed down my face, I suddenly came to a realization that even though my body ached with the mental pain, my heart was still intact- safe and untouched, locked away in a special place inside me that hasn’t been opened up yet! I know it’s unfair to feel so (because of reasons I can’t disclose)...but I have an unfathomable faith that my future hasn’t been written on stone, and that I make my own life story as I go.

I was grateful that my tears didn’t hold back to suppress my emotions, because I was reminded of the fact that, crushed as was, I still had a heart that was pulsating with life inside me, and I was still in one piece…alive! And I believe with that very beating heart that today’s pain will be yesterday’s memory, and that is what makes me look beyond the tears and ready for tomorrow’s unpredictable surprises!


  1. "today’s pain will be yesterday’s memory". That's a great quote. I think you write really well :)

  2. @calliopia....thanks for the vote of confidence...u're not too bad yerself:)

  3. Ahhh! Catharsis...that's what I call it when I can't hold back my tears. Ka nau, tah chhuah chuan tah vak mai tur kan dam hok phah ve deuh asin :-)

  4. Ka nau, we all make mistakes. The key is to recover from mistakes quickly and effectively, and then try to minimize their recurrence.

  5. tah theih phot chuan tap hom2 hlom teh u...tap theilo poh kn om hi :-(

  6. ka mit ana vek ka chiar nasa ltk a..:-)